China will rectify solar photovoltaic industry standards

Although China's solar panel industry is currently the highest in the world, there are still many flaws. To this end, the Chinese government will begin to investigate the quality standards of the solar panel industry and regulate the near-out-of-control growth of clean energy manufacturers. The news was recently disclosed by the Financial Times, published in the UK.

The news also said that the Chinese government is rectifying the quality standards of certain clean energy industries. There are indications that the solar panel industry lacks a complete set of domestic certification schemes for photovoltaic modules (ie panels).

a€?A national quality survey will begin soon,a€? said Ma Xuelu, chief strategy officer of Yingli Solar and executive director of the China Renewable Energy Society. a€?Chinaa€?s PV industry is on the rise, so this survey will help promote industry standardization and the healthy development of solar companies.a€?

According to data provider iSuppli, China's solar module capacity has doubled in the past two years, reaching 17.6 megawatts this year, accounting for 62% of global manufacturing capacity. About 22% of the capacity comes from a€?third-tiera€? producers, who are most likely to be affected by quality remediation actions. Analysts said that this year is a boom year for global solar manufacturers, prompting Chinese businessmen to start small solar manufacturing companies.

"A lot of people see this and then say that we will invest millions and make a big profit," said Macquarie Bank analyst Joseph Quinn. a€?Some of them have built fake factories, they dona€?t make any products there, they just buy components, then sell them... or even buy batteries, and then sell them to the next person, claiming that this is their own product. a€?

Some authoritative sources have analyzed that the Chinese government's rectification of the solar cell industry may temporarily reduce the production and industrial scale of Chinese solar manufacturers and slow down the pace of R&D of China's solar cell modules, but this move may increase the global solar industry in China. Competitive ability to quickly gain market share from Western competitors with cost advantage. Analysts said that the quality of the Chinese government's implementation of this rectification is mainly aimed at low-end manufacturers selling in the domestic market. Because China's large-scale solar panel manufacturers have reached the US and EU standards, they have already sold to overseas markets as early as a few years ago.

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