How to identify the three steps of Wujinmu to help you not take your eyes

Opal Furniture News News Wujinmu is very popular in the market today. It is famous for its beautiful texture and flowing lines, but the market is not a pure jade bottle, but a large dyeing tank. Good things, there will always be replicas, confusing the consumer's sight. Below, Xiaobian teaches how to distinguish Wujinmu, and the three steps help you not to look away.

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Ebony is hard, mostly brownish black, black red, gold, yellowish brown. Its cut surface is smooth, the wood grain is fine, and it can be polished to achieve a mirror-like light. Some ebony essences are similar to red sandalwood. It never fades, does not decay, does not produce insects, and is an ideal material for making art and antique furniture.

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Identify one: look

The heartwood and sapwood are distinctly different, and the heartwood is black or chestnut brown. Scattered material. The growth wheel is not obvious, and the tube hole is slightly under the inner eye (small to very small); the cross section of the log and the mask are marked with dark and dark stripes; the gold metal reflects the metal texture and is comparable to the golden nanmu.

Distinguish two: smell

No special smell

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Discrimination three: heavy

Hard and heavy material, Wujinmu is resistant to corrosion and termites, and its air-dry density is greater than 0.85g/cm3, usually sinking in water. Rich in inclusions (mostly containing dark gum).

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After reading Xiaobian, how to distinguish Wujinmu, Xiaobian believes that you must have learned how to distinguish Wujinmu, more information in Australia

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