Injecting artificial intelligence into the screw, Japana€?s Nitto Seiko aims at the future of the Internet of Things

In Taiwan, we call the screw the industrial rice, and Japan refers to the "semiconductor" as the industrial rice, and the screw is called the "salt of the industry." Japana€?s Nikkei News recently interviewed Mr. Masaaki, the leader of the Japanese industrya€?s salt, the leader of the Japanese industrya€?s salt. In the interview, the presidenta€?s business philosophy was stated: a€?To focus on 1%.a€?

Nitto Seiko has an annual output of 26.4 billion screws. The total production has reached 616.6 billion pieces, mostly high-precision screws. There are also screws as small as sand with a diameter of only 0.6 cm. The companya€?s strength is even There will be no half-slipping screws on the small sand-like screws. The general idea may be that because the work involves manpower, there is no such thing as 100%, so it is enough to achieve 99%, but the president explained in the Nikkei news interview: "Ignore that 1%, you The cause will be broken because of the 1%. Narita Airport has 607 departures every day. If 1% (or 6) of the day falls, can you imagine how many people will lose their lives?" This is the company's persistence and persistence.

In recent years, Nitto Seiko has begun to challenge the Lunar Surface Site Survey Program, which was conducted by the Aerospace Research and Development Agency (JAXA) through site survey machinery. In fact, this technology can be traced back to the screw industry. The drill bit at the front end of the site surveying machine drilled like a screw while drilling the surface. It must be a company that has been familiar with the screw to develop the machine. The extreme pursuit of screw manufacturing technology has opened up new markets for the company.

The next goal of Nitto Seiko is to enter the IoT market. A car used 3,000 screws, and an F15 fighter even used 320,000 screws. In an exclusive interview with the Nikkei News, the president said: "We can't turn this into a blind eye." Screws penetrated into every important corner of the product. If you combine screws and artificial intelligence, you can collect huge amounts of data. Including the implementation status of the product, the degree of decay, and so on. The company plans to accelerate its business in Asia and Latin America, increasing its turnover in 2018 by 68% to 40 billion yen.

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