How to make a partition in the bathroom? Public health partition material selection

Sanitary partitions vary in the area they use. The sanitary partitions used are different. For example, sanitary partitions are used in indoor areas where they are environmentally friendly and easy to clean. If sanitary partitions are used in entertainment venues, they need to be fireproof. It is characterized by moisture resistance and corrosion resistance. If it is used in places where school and restaurant lights are densely populated, it needs to be protected from fire, moisture and stability. Therefore, the demand for sanitary partition materials is different for different use positions.

However, the materials used for the wall, top and floor of the bathroom are different.

Toilet partition wall material

Because the wall area of a€?a€?the bathroom is large, it is necessary to choose a partition material that is highly waterproof and resistant to corrosion and mildew. Tiles, marbles, mosaics, etc., which are easy to clean, are not only rich in color, but also smooth and easy to dry. They are practical wall materials, but attention should be paid to the color of the floor materials.

For example, in addition to being waterproof, the sanitary partition of metal materials is light, energy-saving, easy to install, maintain, and recyclable. Even if it is impacted by external forces, it can keep its shape from changing easily.

Toilet partition top material

The top surface is most susceptible to mildew by the influence of water vapor, so it is best to use a material that is resistant to water and heat. It is generally made of colorful molded aluminum gusset and acrylic molded ceiling. It has strong water resistance and heat-insulating material on the surface. The surface structure is flat and micro air. Acrylic molded ceilings are cheaper, but prone to aging; colorful molded aluminum gussets are more expensive, but the colors are diverse and durable, making them the main materials used in modern bathroom ceilings.

Toilet partition floor material

It is best to use materials with waterproof, dirt-resistant, anti-skid and other characteristics, such as granite, the height should be 10-20mm lower than other ground, and the floor drain should be less than 10mm for convenient drainage.

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