What are the main technical features of variable frequency series resonance equipment?

We know that large-scale power transformers, steam turbines, and hydro-generators, power cables, and other capacitive devices must be tested strictly in accordance with the relevant regulations before they are put on the market. Only when they meet the requirements can they enter the market for sale. However, due to the traditional power frequency withstand voltage The device is often difficult to carry because of its large size, heavy weight, inconvenient handling, and inconvenience to any combination. The flexibility is poor, so it is very difficult to carry out its experimental testing. However, since the frequency conversion series resonance equipment emerged (multi-level stacking can be adopted, and multiple reactors can be connected in parallel or in series), this pressure resistance test becomes simple and fast. The following gives everyone the popularity of this professional frequency conversion series resonant equipment, the main technical characteristics.

1. The high-quality frequency conversion series resonance equipment is small in size, light in weight, and easy to move, especially suitable for on-site use;

2. The excellent frequency conversion series resonance equipment complies with the relevant technical parameters of the national standard. It has the function of monitoring the peak value and can monitor the test waveform in real time.

3, in the over-voltage, discharge, over-current, overheating and zero start to get full and reliable protection, and the operation time is a microsecond;

4. The frequency conversion series resonant device has its own micro-printer so that it can save and print relevant test data in time;

5, frequency conversion series resonant equipment according to the military standard anti-vibration and dust-proof design, the same applies to long-distance transport or harsh environment;

6, the use of simple operation, vertical and horizontal dual-use, light and beautiful, and can achieve "fool" operation, related operations and data on the large-screen LCD display, convenient real-time control;

7. Its components are mainly supplied by world-renowned enterprises (such as: Germany's Siemens, Texas Instruments, Intel, Japan's Toshiba, Fuji, etc.), and the quality and service are reliable;

It can be seen that the emergence of variable frequency series resonance equipment greatly simplifies the large-scale equipment flow and operation that need to test the pressure resistance, and of course it can also be used as compensation capacitance for some small capacitance test items. However, the main application is still in the electric power, metallurgy and petrochemical industries, such as the transfer of large-capacity, high-voltage capacitive test products and preventive tests.

Polycarboxylate superplasticizer (PCE) is a an environment friendly high range Water Reducing Agent for all kinds of concrete. It has enhanced pumping performance and workability by outstanding slump retaining and higher water reducing ability. Thus it can be widely used in ready-mix concrete, precast concrete, pumping concrete, self-compacting concrete. It has specially excellent poerformance when used in high strength and durability concrete.

1. Good compatibility with various cenents, good slump retention performance of concrete, and extend construction time of concrete.
2. Low dosage, high water reduction, small shrinkage.
3. Greatly improve the early and late strength of concrete.
4. The product has low chloride content and low alkali content, which is beneficial to the durability of concrete.
5. The production process of this product is non-pollution and does not contain formaldehyde.
6. Using polycarboxylate superplasticizers, more slag or fly ash can be used instead of cement to reduce costs.

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