New breakthrough in research on new graphene materials

According to Voice of Chinaa€?s a€?Yangguang Newsa€? report, the nationa€?s first joint laboratory for the application of new materials for power grids in Ningbo, Zhejiang, announced that they have used the new material, graphene, to develop a new coating that will be used in the power grid field for transmission lines in the future. The anti-corrosion and anti-icing capabilities of the tower will be greatly improved.

The laboratory's R&D team is led by a number of experts from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and mainly studies the application of various new materials in power transmission lines such as anti-corrosion and anti-icing power grids. The newly developed graphene heavy-duty anti-corrosion materials fill the gap in the domestic grid anti-corrosion coating technology. According to public information, the number of chemical plants in the coastal areas is high, the content of sulfur-containing waste gas in the air is high, and the salt spray is corroded. As a result, the rate of corrosion of coastal power transmission towers is 3-5 times faster than that in inland areas, which increases maintenance costs and increases Grid operation risk. R&D team members, Pu Jibin, a researcher at Ningbo Institute of Materials Science and Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that the main heavy-duty coatings currently on the market are zinc-rich primers, which not only have a short protection life, but also use zinc in large amounts, waste resources, and run counter to the concept of environmental protection. The content of zinc in graphene heavy-duty coatings is only 20% or even zero, and the performance is at least doubled.

Pu Jibin introduced that the theoretical thickness of graphene is only 0.3 to several nanometers. Its barrier properties are very good, and it can almost block water, oxygen and sodium ions. Without increasing the thickness of heavy anti-corrosion coating, it can significantly prolong the anti-corrosion life, which is the characteristic of long-term anti-corrosion.

Pu Jibin said that at present, 70% of domestic high-end anti-corrosion coating market is occupied by foreign brands. The application of new graphene materials in the power grid field will break international monopoly. At present, this new type of paint has entered the stage of marketing and is expected to produce about 5,000 tons per year.

The R&D team also announced that another anti-icing coating has been successfully developed and is waiting for the final test. Every year, in southern China's provinces, almost all low-temperature snow, ice and snow disasters occur, resulting in different levels of ice and ice on high-voltage power transmission lines, affecting transmission safety. Pu Jibin said that the ultra-hydrophobic coating they have researched on anti-icing technology can be "grafted" onto electric power towers and even transmission lines. "Water can't spread out on the surface. It's like water droplets. It's like it's on the lotus leaf. It's less ice-covered. On the other hand, the base of this material is very weak in adhesion, and there are some wind blows, Jittering, ice falls under the influence of gravity.a€? (Reporter Du Jinming)

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