Sowing seedling

The seeds of the bulbous sea bream are very small. When planting, the seed is mixed with 800 times of the new high-fat film (to repel the underground pests and increase the germination rate of the seeds). Mix the vermiculite and seeds with 4-5 times fine and mix them evenly, and finally sow them in the seedling tray. It should not be covered after sowing, to prevent direct light, and not to overshadow. The temperature is maintained at 18 ?° C - 21 ?° C. Cover with glass to maintain humidity. The seeds are germinated within 4 weeks, and the glass should be removed after germination. The first green leaf appears in the stage, and more careful care must be taken. Spraying is done every day.

Transplanting seedlings

When the first true leaf begins to grow, it can be transplanted at a height of about 2.5 cm. At the time of transplanting, since the seedlings are still small, the seedlings can be loosened with a 13 cm long thin stick. You can also use two bamboo sticks to dig out the seedlings, then lift the leaves to prevent damage to the new leaves, transplant the seedlings into the 7.5cm deep tray (32-50 points), and spray the balanced liquid fertilizer at the right time. When the seedlings reach 7.5cm high, the growth point of each plant should be removed to promote branching, spraying new high-fat film to increase the photosynthesis intensity, and protect the seedlings from growing.

Transplanting flower pot

When the stem grows to a height of 4 cm - 5 cm, the bulbous jellyfish should be gently extracted from the matrix to see the growth and development of the root system. When the root develops to a length of 5cm - 7.5cm, it can be transplanted. When the root ball can almost fill the palm of the hand, the plant should be transplanted into a flower pot of appropriate size, sprayed with a new high-fat film , the seed water does not transpire, shorten the slow seedling period, and grow healthily.

Flowering management

In the management of fertilizer and water in the bulbous sea otter, the fertilizer and water are very important links. Keep the soil moist and keep the liquid fertilizer in time. The bulbs of the sea must be shaded and not exposed to the sun. The temperature is suitable for 16 ?° C - 18.5 ?° C. When the plant shape is large enough, the growth point needs to be removed. Ornamental plants, in the flower bud stage to remove the extra flower buds, timely spraying the flowers Zhuang Ti Ling , can promote the flower buds strong, petal hypertrophy, beautiful flowers, rich floral, flower length.

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