Rescue air cushion technical parameters and usage regulations

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First, the main technical parameters

model Size (M) Weight (kg) Inflatable time (s) Replenishing time (s) Accept weight (kg) Test height (M) Equipped
P-16A 5?—4?—2.5 78 a‰¤60 a‰¤20 a‰¥75 a‰¥16 Fan 1
30 meters cable tray 1
P-16B 6?—4?—2.5 95 a‰¤60 a‰¤20 a‰¥100 a‰¥20 Fan 1
30 meters cable tray 1
P-16C 8?—6?—2.5 165 a‰¤60 a‰¤20 a‰¥110 a‰¥30 Fan 2
30 meters cable tray 1

Blower specifications

Voltage (V) Fan diameter (cm) Frequency (HZ) Power (kw) Flow (m3/h) Wind pressure (Pa) Speed a€?a€?r/min Weight (kg)
220 40 50 1.1 9800 290 2880 twenty three

Fireproof cloth technical parameters

Tensile strength (N/5cm) Tear strength (N/5cm) Adhesion fastness (N/5cm) Flame-retardant oxygen index Cold (?°C) Heat resistance (?°C)
vertical Zonal vertical Zonal
520 2400 2100 300 300 60 28.2 -30 +70

See the lifesaving cushion for more details.

Second, the structural performance

1 , buffer air bag: When the air cushion is impacted, the gas in the pad enters the buffer air bag to reduce the rebound phenomenon. When the load disappears, the gas in the buffer gas bag enters the pad body, facilitating repeated work.

2. Safety throttle: When the air cushion is punched, the gas that can not be contained by the buffer air bag will be discharged from the safety throttle. After the air cushion finishes the rescue, the damper can be opened and deflated so that it can be folded and stored.

3 , Inflatable inner cushion: ensure that the personnel fall twice after the buffer, do not directly contact the ground, increase the air cushion to rescue safety.

4. Inflatable fan: The inflatable fan adopts imported engine and can quickly discharge smoke. It can be used as an air cushion inflator, and can also be used as a smoke exhauster.

Third, the use of methods

1. Select a site that is perpendicular to the site's evacuation port and is flat and has no sharp objects. Flatten the air cushion. There should be a certain open space around the air cushion.

2. No obstacles from air cushion to evacuation opening.

3. Fasten the air-cushion inlet to the fan exhaust outlet, then start the engine and run normally. When the air-cushion height indicator line is naturally straight, run at idle, and the air-cushion inlet pipe should be bent at this time so as not to let the escapee touch the air-cushion. Fan pulls.

4. During idling operation, air cushion working height can be controlled by opening and closing damper. It is not allowed to inflate the air cushion into saturated state to avoid increasing rebound force and affect normal use, which endangers human safety.

5 , the air cushion may drift after inflation, so when used, the four corners should be specially hand held, use the safety door slightly open, while commanding the next jump of the staff to align the middle of the air cushion on the top of the green reflective signs, the staff must immediately after the jump off the touch pad Mat so that the air cushion continues to work.

6. After the use is completed, open the safety air door and wait until the gas is completely drained. Then fold it and store it according to the original method.

Fourth, pay attention to matters

1 , lifesaving air cushion is not used for training exercises.

2. The safety damper must be opened during work.

3 , air cushion should be as far away from the fire source.

4 , should avoid sharp object hooking.

5 , rescued personnel can not carry sharp objects and sharps.

6 , air cushion can only rescue one person at a time, continuous use, should pay attention to maintaining the prescribed height of inflation work.

7. Do not use organic solvents when using or storing, and do not drag or rub on the floor.

8 , in the use of the air cushion, the air cushion can not be fixed somewhere, the four corners of the staff with the air cushion up and down passive retractable rope. Do not pull hard to avoid damage to the four corners, affecting use.

9. The air cushion should be stored in a ventilated and dry place with no corrosive gas. The air inflation test and inspection should be conducted once every six months. If any abnormality is forbidden, use it.

10. In case of normal storage and use, the shelf life is one year.

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