China's first polysilicon cold hydrogenation technology was successfully developed

Abstract Recently, from China Power Investment Group was informed that CPI Yellow River's new energy division successfully developed the first set of complete cold hydrogenation technology, the polysilicon production by-product of silicon tetrachloride recycling recycling, the successful resolution of the development of polysilicon industry of constraints Silicon tetrachloride conversion technology...
Recently, it was learned from China Power Investment Group that China Power Investment Yellow River New Energy Branch successfully developed the first complete cold hydrogenation technology in China, realized the recycling and utilization of silicon tetrachloride in the production of polysilicon, and successfully solved the development of restricting the development of China's polysilicon industry. The technical problem of silicon tetrachloride conversion has broken the monopoly of foreign advanced technology and filled the gap in domestic technology.

Polysilicon will produce a large amount of by-product silicon tetrachloride in the production process, and production of 1 kg of polysilicon will produce 13 to 16 kg of silicon tetrachloride. The hydrogen chloride gas produced by the discarded silicon tetrachloride causes serious environmental pollution. How to deal with a large amount of sump and useless silicon tetrachloride has become a headache for domestic polysilicon enterprises.

In response to this problem, the research team of China Power Investment Yellow River New Energy Branch launched a scientific research project to optimize the transformation of the hydrogenation furnace silicon powder feeding system and the fluidized bed reactor, so that the system can achieve long-term efficient, continuous and stable operation. The conversion of silicon tetrachloride into trichlorosilane, an intermediate product for the production of polycrystalline silicon, solves the technical problem of large-scale harmless treatment of silicon tetrachloride.

Through recycling, the by-product silicon tetrachloride can be converted into raw material trichlorosilane for producing polycrystalline silicon, and the single-pass conversion rate is greater than 26%, realizing the 'turning waste into treasure'. In addition, the cost of electricity, which accounted for a large proportion of the total cost of polysilicon, has been greatly reduced. The power consumption has been reduced from 4,500 kWh per ton to 800 kWh per ton, and the cost per ton is about 34,000 yuan.

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