What is the maintenance method of the smart toilet?

With the development of technology, many family toilets like to use smart toilets, but how to maintain smart toilets? There are several ways, let's take a look.

Cleaning the toilet steps:

1. Close the inlet valve;

2. Unscrew the water filter net with a special tool;

3. Use a toothbrush or a small brush to clean the dirt.

4. Spout: According to the nozzle cleaning button, there is water overflow around the spout for nozzle cleaning; use the hand to pull out the nozzle and hold it tightly to clean the spout and the tube head; clean it with a soft cloth and water; Stop the button and stop spraying.

5. Clean the deodorizing box and the deodorizing suction port. If there is still odor, please replace the deodorant. When the deodorizing box and the deodorizing suction port have dust or other attachments, the air volume to be inhaled will be reduced. The dust can be cleaned with a toothbrush or a small brush.

6. In the winter, to prevent damage to the smart toilet caused by icing, please drain the remaining water when not in use. When not used for a long time, you should also let go of the remaining water.

The remaining water is exhausted: a. Close the inlet valve; b. Remove the drain bolt after loosening; c. Re-tighten the drain bolt after draining the remaining water.

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