7 billion wind power market coatings company is not a dream

According to the "China Wind Power Development Road Map 2050" issued by the National Development and Reform Commission Energy Research Institute, by 2020, 2030 and 2050, China's installed wind power capacity will reach 200, 400, and 1 billion kilowatts, respectively, which will meet 5% respectively. With 8% and 17% of electricity demand, wind power will become one of China's top five power supplies. The anti-corrosion coatings for wind power equipment umbrellas will usher in a new milestone. It is estimated that during the ten years from 2010 to 2020, the wind power coating gap in China will be 130,000 tons, which means that there will be nearly 7 billion market for wind power coatings.

While marveling at the huge market for wind power coatings, we have to worry about the current situation. So far, China's wind power coating market, especially the blade coating market, has almost all depended on imports. Chinese companies have less than 10% of the market. In other words, Chinese paint companies are likely to lose nearly 7 billion yuan in wind power paint market.

Wind power paints escort the development of the wind power industry China wind farms are mainly located in areas where dust storms are prone to occur. The wind power system will suffer from erosion from various harsh environments. Therefore, the equipment must rely on anti-corrosion coatings to ensure the safe operation of the equipment and extend the service life of the equipment. This requires the wind power coating to have special functions such as fast drying speed, resistance to wind and sand, hard film strength, and weather resistance and corrosion resistance. Wind power coatings can protect the rapid development of the wind power industry.

The world paint industry landed on the beach and grabbed the wind power market in China. According to statistics from related departments, the demand for domestic wind power coating market was around 30,000 tons in 2009-2010, but the market share of paint companies in China was less than 10% and 90%. The above wind power coatings use foreign products, especially blade coatings, and almost all rely on imports. The wind turbine blade coatings used by domestic machine manufacturers mainly come from Italy Mega, German Mankiewicz and German Bergolin paint companies. The raw materials are imported products. The products are produced and sold abroad, and the gel coat system is used to strengthen the weather resistance and corrosion resistance of the coatings. Adapt to the climate characteristics of China's wind farms.

China Wind Power Coatings Market---Painting Enterprises' Pain China's wind power industry has developed rapidly. However, many projects have operated for a few years. Therefore, the wind power coating industry has not formulated a clear industry standard. The lack of industry standards makes it difficult for the domestic wind power industry to Trying new paint companies, paint companies lack the assurance pill, and the market promotion resistance becomes greater. In addition, China's wind power coating has just started, and its product technology has not been able to take a step forward. Therefore, for many paint companies, the Chinese wind power coating market has become a tasteless, food is tasteless, it is a pity.

The 7 billion wind power coating market was lost. It is still far so far. China's wind power coating market share is almost entirely occupied by foreign companies, but it does not mean that Chinese paint companies will lose nearly 7 billion of wind power coating market. Zhuo Chuang thinks that There are several reasons for this. First of all, domestic paint companies are developing wind power paint products based on the characteristics of China's wind farm environment. They are more aware of the geographical characteristics of wind farms, and therefore paint products can adapt well to cold and dry wind and sand climates. Secondly, wind power energy is a key development project in China's "Twelfth Five-Year Plan". The state encourages the development of green energy, and wind power coatings as a supporting industry for wind power plants will also be further promoted.

Another important reason is that with the continuous expansion of the wind power market, the competition among the corresponding paint companies will also become increasingly fierce. The high cost and labor force of foreign coating companies are destined to be at a disadvantage, so the price has become a magic weapon for domestic wind power coating companies to enter the market. At this stage, the quality of domestic paint companies has reached the requirements for the use of wind power installations, and the products have surpassed foreign paint companies in terms of performance, and the price is obviously better than that of foreign companies. It is understood that the "Wind Farm Coatings Protection and Construction Code" has already applied for the project, the establishment of national industry standards will help promote the development of wind power coating companies in China. In summary, Zhuo Chuang believes that during the decade of rapid development of the wind power industry (2010-2020), Chinese enterprises have the strength to compete for a wind power coating market of 7 billion. The future of localization of wind power coatings in China is not a dream.

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