Heat pump oil tank heat treatment introduced

Many people think that the electric oil pump installed on the bracket, it is dependent on immersed in gasoline for cooling. The heat-conducting oil pump apart, the outside of the aluminum pump pared aside, the pump naturally divided into several large pieces, cast steel shell is actually in order to keep these parts pressed together and maintain as a whole. After the decomposition of the hot oil pump is divided into the following sections: The main heat pump oil pump, rotor, bearing seals and other components, the use of high temperature packing seal structure, additional temperature seal, auxiliary sealing role. Pump and electric three-jaw type coupling. Viewed from the transverse direction of the pump, the first thing to look is the outlet nozzle, which is provided with a nipple and return check valve for connecting the tubing and a purge valve for fuel relief (spring-loaded Valve, the structure is similar to the vacuum fuel pressure regulator). As you look down the pump's nipple, you can see the inlet port, which is located on the bottom of the pump. It is connected to the oil outlet by an aluminum housing that contains the pieces described above and has an interface to the filter screen. If this structure is used to soak the heat, then the thick plastic and the rotor can not touch the outer wall, enough to make the oil pump burned, in fact, the pump at work, the rotor part is the use of gasoline flowing through the rotor immersion to heat, In other words, as long as the pump can pump oil, there is no problem of heat dissipation. For some pumps, the return of the oil flow is smooth, related to the life of the pump, poor return to the oil pump will make the long-term work in the high-pressure state, increase the pump load, DC motor characteristics tell us that when the low load, The current flowing through the rotor will increase sharply, but at this moment, because of the decrease of the fuel flow, the cooling effect is not good. For the electronic pump, it is worse. So, no longer superstitious what 1/4 box of claims, as long as your car can also continuous fuel supply, then it will not burn the pump, if you can not continuous fuel supply, the car appeared a respite, you have to be extremely careful, And do a good job ready to burn the oil pump at any time. The motor part of the pump occupies an important position. Standard DC motor structure, but the ends of the bearing cover replaced by the other two sides of the pump parts, and has a similar carbon brush generator brush length self-compensation structure, the permanent magnet stator affixed to the same engineering plastics, constitute The motor housing, special material coated enameled wire is the rotor (or pump) the most easily burned parts.

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