ZeusHydration Water Collector

ZeusHydration Water Collector

In areas with low rainfall, water is very precious, and lack of safe and clean water is one of the major problems many people face in developing countries.

The design called a€?ZeusHydrationa€? is a water collector and also a water source filter that can obtain water resources through a variety of ways, not just rainwater. There is a sponge-like device inside. As a filter, when the sponge contacts the water source, it will be absorbed in time. When the sponge is compressed, it will release clean and safe water. This step requires manual operation. In addition to rare rain, it can also be muddy water or water in a pond, which turns into a safe source of water through filtration.

Design: Kwan Ken Yong.

Electrially Calcined Anthracite is made from well-selected Ningxia Taixi anthractite.Being continuous calcined at 1800-2400a?? high temperature in the 1350KVA calcined furnace,airtight without air,final product is in half graphitization.
Product features:graphitization,high thermal stability,lowash,high real denisty.

Electrially Calcined Anthracite

Electrically Calcined Anthracite,Electricity Calcined Anthracite,Half Graphitization Anthracite,High Thermal Stability Anthracite

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