Asian market alcohol product market

Methanol Methanol market consolidation in China this time, turnover improved, but sales are limited. China's delivery of cargo in December settled at 360-365 US dollars (ton price, the same below, CFR, China). Bonded warehouses are favored, but they are available for limited cargo. The export price is stable at 375-395 USD (FOB, China). A Southeast Asian trader quoted 5,000 metric tons of methanol from the Middle East arriving in early January (US$388) (CFR, Singapore). The major ports of Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand had no spot demand in December, and the search was mostly for January shipments. The purchase price of India is $320 (CFR, India) and the port inventory is not high.

Glycol This ethylene ethylene price continued to rise during the current period. The US cargo shipments to China in December/January were revised from the previously estimated 60,000 tons to 76,000 tons. The spot market, driven by the rise in China's refined terephthalic acid, began to firm at the beginning of the year, but the offer was limited, and the scattered trading price was 1070 US dollars (CFR, China's main port), but the afternoon bargaining price rose to 1070 to 1075 US dollars (CFR , China's main port). On December 6th, the purchase intention price continued to increase. An end-user purchases 3,000 tons of December cargo at a price of 1075 to 1080 US dollars (CFR, China's main port), and the transaction price of bonded warehouse cargo also rose to 1090 to 1100 US dollars. Nearer the closing price fell, the bargaining price fell to 1090 ~ 1095 US dollars (CFR, China's main port), a trader to US $ 1090 ~ 1095 (CFR, China's main port) the price of 3,000 tons of US cargo.

Diethylene glycol was supported by the active purchase of secondary traders. During this period, the price of diethylene glycol in Asia rebounded. In the spot market, about 10,000 tons of cargo in Northeast Asia in December will be traded at USD 915 (CFR, China's main port, 90-day letter of credit). In December 7-8, the purchase of spot cargoes increased, and the delivery price rose to 915-920 US dollars (CFR, China's main port). The previous bonded cargo shipment price was between 925 and 930 US dollars (CFR, China's main port).

Octanol and n-butanol, due to better demand, increased the price of n-butanol in Southeast Asia by 5 US dollars to 1,285 US dollars (CFR, Southeast Asia). The Chinese market was stable at 1255 U.S. dollars (CFR, China). In China's domestic market, n-butanol prices rose by 100 yuan to reach 9,700 yuan. The price of octanol remained unchanged at 1,400 U.S. dollars (CFR, China) or 1,430 U.S. dollars (CFR, Southeast Asia), following the trend of raw material propylene prices. China's domestic octanol price fell to 10,900 yuan.

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